Titan Telescoping Flagpole

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Product Overview

No more tangled ropes, life-threatening bucket flag changes, or fragile push buttons. The “Titan” telescoping flagpole makes raising and lowering your flag a breeze.

Each tube section is extruded from aircraft-grade aluminum, and anodized to create a lifelong maintenance-free finish. Plus, the aluminum material keeps the entire pole under 25 lbs, meaning it's easy for anyone to raise or lower the three sections needed to fully extend the pole.

Inter-locking polycarbonate sleeves lock each pole section in place. This unique system reduces any springs or other moving parts that are subject to break over time. All lexan polycarbonate parts come with a lifetime warranty.

The 3" base diameter provides 30% more strength than other telescoping flagpoles. It is built to withstand winds of 150 km/h. It also has 7 times the bearing surface which will reduce wobble between the sections.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review